Oral History

Marjorie Chance Interview on JFK Assassination

Mrs. Chance, a retired English teacher, gives this Spring 2008 interview to Jaclyn Meyers. They discuss a scrapbook Mrs. Chance made about the events surrounding the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Jean Pace Interview on growing up during WWII: Part 1 | Part 2

Mrs. Pace gives this April 2008 interview to Niha Zafar and Brooke Garcia. They discuss Mrs. Pace’s memories of growing up during WWII.

Mike Lout Interview: Part 1 | Part 2

Mike Lout of KJAS Radio gives this May 2008 interview to Kayle Dickerson and Lauren Long. They discuss growing up in Jasper and running a radio station.

Jasper County Historical Commission Tour

Interview with Jeanette Pittman of the Jasper County HIstorical Commission, and a tour of their facilities