Hardy Cemetery

A long time ago there was a community down the road from the graveyard. There was a church, a schoolyard, a grocery store, and a lot of houses. Most of the people that lived there in that time didn’t know what a tombstone was so they just put a rock with carvings on it. And some of them were just too poor to have a tombstone. But the grave we did was rich people. It was a big cemetery, so the doctor paid to have a gate put around them. The man’s name was T.C. Hardy Sr. He was born October 15 in the 1840s we couldn’t see what the last number was. He died on December 19, 1927. Right beside him was his wife Louis Hardy she was born in 1827 and died January 1, 1880. And their children were buried right beside them but he didn’t have a tombstone he had a rock. There were two other people buried in the gate but we didn’t know who they were, they had rocks also.